mechanism 64 51

The mechanism on Eloy flutes has been designed and made to ensure problem free playing...

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headjoints 64 51

The head joint is the driving force behind the flute, the generator of the sound that gives the flute its character ...

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metals 64 51

Sound in a flute is formed to a large degree by the material of the tubing ...

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dealers 64 51

All over Europe we have dealers who can tell you all about us. In the Netherlands for instance is this H&C Dwarsfluiten …

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press 64 51

Due to the fact that we are active in this brance for so many years we noticed some headlines in several papers ...

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conditions 64 51

Eloy Flutes BV has always several models on stock for direct sale, so please call us and ask freely for a proposal ...

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Sales Conditions

ordering 64 51

General sales, delivery, payment and rental conditions of Eloy Flutes BV, established in Someren. Filed with the K.v.K ...

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Eloy Flutes

Eloy Flutes are professional handmade flutes in silver, gold and Mokumeum©. These special instruments are the result of combining proven traditional techniques with true innovation.


What can we offer?

  • Reperation and maintenance are done with great care and precision.
    We use the best materials there are.
    Warranty on revision done in our workplace.